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Easiest Hedwig owl polymer clay tutorial

Hey Kittens,
Today I made a Hedwig owl (known from Harry Potter<3) charm that can be used as a pendant as well, or anything you’d like depending on the size you’re making it. It’s very easy and simple since I’m a total beginner, but I loved making it so I felt like sharing it with you all. Let’s get started, hope you’ll like it!

First of all, the list of things you’ll need. It looks like a lot but I promise it’s very easy and simple to get them, any polymer clay beginner (like myself) can get them.
-Polymer clay in 3 colours: white, black, orange

-Cutter blade (mine is plastic but a simple razor blade can do the trick. Make sure you don’t hurt yourself!)


-Baby wipes

-Nail polish remover (mine is 80% acetone which is important, I’ll tell you why later)


1. Step: Clean your hands!

Make sure you clean your hands properly. Use room temperature running water and soap, and then dry it with a clean towel. After this you will need the baby wipes to clean your hands even more. This is very important for the white clay, it gets dirty very easily.

2. Step: Cut the clay!
Take the blade or cutter and cut the clay you’ll need. Make sure you cut a good amount of white, and much less orange and black.

3. Step: Soften and form the clay!
Soften the clay with your hands and then make the body shape for the owl. Make sure you make the cute ‘ear-parts’ with your fingertips and then press the clay so it’ll get the proper shape and be able to stand.
4. Step: Clean the body!
Now this is the part where you need the nail polish remover and the Qtips. It is important that it has acetone because it really cleans off the little dust and dirt bits and cleans off the finger marks, just make sure you don’t touch too big part of the clay because it gets sticky.
5. Step: Put on the body parts!
Separate the black clay into two pieces. Now what you see on the picture is actually still too much, I used much less clay to form the eyes. It’s better if you start with the orange bit because that’s lighter colour so you can put it on before the black would colour your hands.


Your owl is ready now, although before you put it in the oven you might want to put the charm or pendant bits in it, so you can bake them together.
Thank you very much for reading it guys, leave a comment and share your thoughts with me if you’d like, also please follow my pages to make sure you’ll get my newest things and ideas I’m posting. I’m also very happy for critiques and ideas how I can become better, don’t be afraid of sharing them! Also sorry for the bad pictures, I’m in a learning-phase in that as well.




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