Phone case

Phone cases for different moods

Hey Kittens,

As you could see on my Facebook page or Instagram, I tried a new technique on phone case. This inspired today’s idea: showing you all the phone cases I’ve made so far. Now just for those who are following my Facebook and Instagram sites, there’s one I’ve never showed.😉

Let’s get started.

First the one I’ve created a couple of days ago. This is actually one I really like, the technique is super-fun, with all those nice and lovely nail polishes.

This case is ideal for a spring-is-coming day outside when you’ve just came out of winter and you can wear all the lovely sparkly colours that you can finally wear again on those spring clothes you aching to wear since a long loooong time.

The second one is my very new case I’ve just made last night. It’s amazing and it was really fun making it. With all the different coloured dots it’s ideal for a girly outfit to match your phone with, and the ‘cute but psycho’ sign gives it an extra twist which makes it unique.

Actually I got both case ideas from online tutorial videos and then I created mine, the first one is the same technique and the second one is two combined.

And here’s the very first phone case I’ve ever made. Warning! ⚠️  It is super simple and not too nice, I made it rough on purpose and actually I love it, it’s my phone cover at the moment and I’m very happy with it, although you can tell it’s not very… ‘sophisticated’ I’d say.

Aaand here it is! Make your own magic because I love Harry Potter so it was obvious for me that the whole case’s theme is going to be about that, that’s why you can see the little stars on it.

I actually messed up the middle part but tried to fix it and get something out of it. I wanted to show it to you regardless because I feel like it’s very important for people to see that it’s okay to make mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, especially when you’re new to something and I think it’s nothing to be ashamed about. This is also what makes us who we are, even if it’s just a phone case.

The sign is made with nail polish and the other decoration made by Sharpie pens.

This is all for today, I hope you liked it, if so please follow my blog, also check out and like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram so you’ll see the new things I’m making or I’m typing about.




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