polymer clay

Zero calories rainbow cake

Hey Kittens,

I know, I know… I disappeared a little bit, there are kids of things going on in my life at the moment. So today I took the chance that I don’t have anything to do (only date-night😍) so I took advantage and got to start on a project I wanted to try so much so long ago, and because I’m on a diet I made some zero calories rainbow cake, and here I’ll show you the “recipe”.

First of all you need a really small amount to make sure it really is zero calories. Okay-okay yeah I’m kidding, it’s zero calories because it’s polymer clay.

I really enjoyed making this (by a tutorial from YouTube), it was sooo much fun! I will definitely make more especially when I’ll get more orders. It looks difficult at first but it’s super simple and fun!

It’s not done yet, I still have some texturing to do, but I need to wait for the clay to harden a bit so I’ll give it a day, because as you see I started texturising it but it’s not the best and I still have a lot to do! 😊

Hope you like them, feel free to comment!




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